Westminster Rose Center

The Westminster Rose Center is a masterful, handsome, wonderfully crafted simple yet sophisticated design. The 33,840 square-foot building consists of a 419-seat theater, banquet hall and connecting foyers that accommodate a variety of cultural and civic functions. Outdoor courtyards and a 600 foot long entry plaza provide additional venues for functions. The center established its presence through the innovative use of glazing on the front façade. Two main glass volumes balance the adjacent masonry-clad volumes and transforms into a dramatic glowing entry beacon at night. Three types of glass create a variety of transparencies and textures, while defining the volumes that house the entry foyer and theater. At eye level, clear glass creates sightlines and transparency, while clear glass with a fritted pattern combines with translucent sandblasted glass to create visual interest above. The custom-fabrication pattern of irregular vertical lines was designed to evoke bamboo plants as a tribute to the City’s large Vietnamese community. The airiness of the glass balances the heavier, slate-grey, burnished concrete masonry units, chosen for both their cost and energy efficiency that defines the building’s solid elevations. Over 100,000 people are expected to use the facility, including local school districts, international and local performing artists, business people and social and cultural groups.

Community engagement was extensive and, in fact, the idea of such a facility was borne from the citizenry itself. The dream for a true community-based theater could only become a reality for the citizens and stakeholders if it did not impact the core services provided by the General Fund. The project had repeatedly stalled due to a lack of such funding. Fund contributions were obtained from various sources including federal, county, private and Redevelopment funds.

Conference/Banquet Center – This elegant 6,300 square foot facility is versatile enough to host conferences, meetings, receptions, parties, dances, banquets and other social or corporate events. It also accommodates smaller parties in each of three rooms, when space is divided by portable walls, or up to 500 diners when it is opened to full capacity. Menus are created and prepared by an internationally renown chef and guests are treated to impeccable black tie service. The Conference/Banquet Center has become a popular meeting place in Orange County.

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The Bamboo Terrace – The terrace adjoins the Conference/Banquet Center and accommodates overflow crowds, luncheons or other special outdoor events.

Theater - The state of the art theater seats 419 and provides an ideal venue for every type of entertainment. By using the curtains, the stage can be altered for solo performances, town hall meetings, large scale musical comedy productions, choral, orchestra, ballet and on stage weddings. The versatile design features excellent acoustics and sightlines.Audience comfort was a major concern of the City Design Team, therefore seats are comfortable with wide aisles for leg room. Special “boxes” at either side of the stage on both upper and lower levels are perfect for musicians or for VIP seating. Conservation was also a consideration with energy saving air conditioning, heat and lighting utilized. The backstage area is fully equipped with lockers, showers, makeup and dressing areas.

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The financing for the Center included redevelopment funds, grants from county, state and federal agencies, along with private donations.

The Rose Center is operated by The Rose Center Foundation, a non-profit community volunteer group organized in 1999. For more information, to make a gift to the Foundation, or to purchase a seat for the theater, contact Margie L. Rice at (714) 548-3240.

The center is located at 14140 All American Way just east of the police department and west of Warner Intermediate School.

Rose Center Theater