General Plan

As required by State law, the City of Westminster has a General Plan that serves as a “Constitution” for development, a foundation upon which all land use decisions are based. The General Plan expresses the City’s policies relative to the distribution of future land use, both public and private, and addresses issues related to economics, housing, circulation, conservation, parks, and health and safety.  The current version of the General Plan was adopted by the City Council in 1996 and consists of two volumes, a policy document and a technical document. Both volumes are available at City Hall for viewing/purchase or may be downloaded using the links provided below.  To view the General Plan Map for the City, please click Maps located in the left navigation pane.

In 2014, the Housing Element (a required element of the general plan) was updated and certified by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). To view the City’s Housing Element, please click on the link below.