What's on the Westminster Ballot

In addition to the presidential and statewide general election, on November 8, 2016, Westminster voters will have an opportunity to vote on items that matter closest to home.

On the Westminster ballot, registered Westminster voters will elect:

    -One mayor; and
    -Two council members; and

    Vote in support or against the following measure:

Measure SS: Westminster Police/9-1-1/Essential City Services Measure.

Ballot Measure

There is only one Westminster measure on the ballot this election: 

Measure SS: Westminster Police/9-1-1/Essential City Services Measure

For more information about the measure and city's financial status, click here: Fiscal Sustainability Plan.

Elected Officials

Candidates for Mayor

There are four candidates running for one mayoral seat. The candidates are (in ballot order):

    -Visual William – Businessman
    -Raymond De La Cerda - Businessman
    -Margie L. Rice – City of Westminster Councilmember
    -Tri Ta – Mayor, City of Westminster

Candidates for City Council

There are seven candidates running for two seats on the city council. The candidates are (in ballot order):

    -Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen – Small Business Owner
    -Kimberly Ho – Westminster Commissioner/Businesswoman
    -Sergio Contreras – City of Westminster Council Member
    -Diana Lee Carey – Councilwoman/Educator
    -Tommy Luong – U.S. Navy Sailor
    -Linh Le - Student
    -Mark Lawrence – Retired Peace Officer

Voter Information

To learn about voter registration and how you can vote on Westminster issues on Election Day, click here to be redirected to the "Information for Voters" page.