Forms & Flyers

Police Permits
Section UL
 Alarm Permit Application (2.31 MB)
 Block Party Permit Application (10.8 KB)
 Block Party Street Closure Agreement (12.3 KB)
 Special Event Police Permit Application (10.7 KB)
 Massage City Ordinance (99.7 KB)
 Massage Technician Medical Exam Form (11.1 KB)
 Chiropractor & Acupuncturist Permit Application (10.9 KB)
 General Business Police Permit Application (11 KB)
 Permanent Make-Up Police Permit Application (11.3 KB)
 Security Company Police Permit Application (10.6 KB)
 Security Guard Police Permit Application (10.6 KB)
Police Misc.
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 Fireworks Stand Permit Application (1.01 MB)
 CERT Registration (346.4 KB)
 CERT Training Flyer (106.7 KB)
 Why Traffic and Parking Citations are Issued (95.4 KB)
 Volunteer Application (2.4 MB)
 Citizen Academy Application (894.7 KB)
 Authorization to Release Medical Records (645.5 KB)
 Fumigation - Patrol Check form (895 KB)
 Vacation Check Request Form (783.3 KB)
 Ordinance 2458 - Intro Alarm Permit Fee (2.47 MB)
 Ordinance 2460 - Alarm Permit Renewal Terms (379.6 KB)
 Ordinance 4263 - False Alarm Fines (300.9 KB)
 Resolution 4262 Alarm Permit Fee (307.1 KB)
 Citation Contest Form (30.9 KB)
Section UL
 DOJ Report of Handgun Ownership Form (63.5 KB)
 DOJ Voluntary Registration of Firearm Form (53.4 KB)
 OCDA Bad Check Complaint Form (36.5 KB)
Section UL
 Directions to the Police Department (124.1 KB)
 Map to Local Police Departments and Animal Shelter (88.9 KB)
 Map to the Westminster Police Department (110.6 KB)
 Westminster CHP, DMV, & Vehicle Impound Lots Map (13.9 KB)