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Coyotes Sightings have increased in Westminster

Coyotes Sightings have increased in Westminster

Westminster Animal Control has received reports of increased coyote sightings throughout all of Westminster. Coyotes are most active between dusk and dawn, but may be seen at any time of day. There has also been an increase of coyote attacks on domestic animals.

To keep your pets and your neighborhood safe, please follow these tips:

  •  Pick up fallen fruit and birdseed-these attract the coyotes' natural prey
  • Do not leave pet food out
  • Keep all trash in enclosed containers
  • Keep unused ponds and water features empty
  • Keep small pets indoors during the night and early morning
  • If you pet must go outside during these times, keep them on leash, even in your own backyard
  • Have an adult or older child present when small children or small pets are outside

If you see a coyote-HAZE IT!!!

Coyotes are natural predators that control rodent populations, but have adapted to live alongside people. With the drought, they are looking for food and water sources for their families. To keep coyotes at bay, people must make the coyotes learn to be fearful of people. You can use deterrants and hazing.

  • Chemical deterrants such as perfume, cologne or synthetic coyote urine may keep coyotes away for a short time
  • Motion sensitive sprinklers, lights and air cans scare coyotes away.
  • Hazing-Use a sound making device such as a whistle, air horn, or coyote shaker (empty soda can filled with small objects and sealed), or yell when you see a coyote
  • Do Not run away from coyotyes.

    If a coyote acts aggressively, back away slowly, keeping eye contact with the coyote. Contact Animal Control at 714-548-3201 or Fish and Wildlife at 858-467-4201 for aggressive coyotes. Coyotes may act aggressive to people that are too close to their food or pups. For more information on hazing, feel free to contact Animal Control of look up videos on how to haze online, or go to