Discretionary Projects

A discretionary project requires staff's discretion and therefore, would be processed through the submittal of a formal application either for an administrative (staff) review or Planning Commission review. Administrative reviews is subject to staff approval and typically require 30-45 days to process.

A project requiring Planning Commission review requires a non-public hearing review or a public-hearing review. Processing time is approximately 120 days (*Projects requiring an environmental review may take longer).

Types of Discretionary Projects include:

  • Administrative Use Permits
  • Administrative Adjustments
  • Level 1 (Administrative) Development Reviews
  • Level 2 or 3 (Planning Commission) Development Reviews*
  • Conditional Use Permit*
  • Variance*
  • Zone Change*
  • Lot Line Adjustment*
  • Tentative Parcel Maps/Tentative Tract Maps*
  • General Plan Amendment*

To learn more about each of the above entitlement(s), please click here: Entitlement Chart