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Westminster Mall Specific Plan

The City’s recently adopted General plan identified the Westminster Mall as a special opportunity site and required a Specific Plan (new zoning) be developed for the entire area. The Specific Plan, with assistance from property owners at the Mall, will create a pathway for a thriving, mixed-use activity center in one of the City’s most visible areas. 

Over the coming months, the City will be meeting with property owners, decision-makers, and the community to develop a comprehensive vision and customized zoning standards for the Westminster Mall. Staff will be conducting in-person and online outreach to ask for public input and feedback. Results will be shared with the Planning Commission and City Council. 

Below please find our FAQs, or request to be notified of future Mall Specific Plan activities. For questions, please contact Alexa Smittle at (714) 548-3674 or by email at

Westminster Mall Specific Plan FAQs

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