Mobile Home Commission


The commission shall hear all disputes and controversies between tenants and owners except those pertaining to rent. The decision of the commission in these disputes and controversies shall be advisory. The commission shall hold such hearings, receive evidence both oral and documentary as it deems appropriate and advise the city council on all matters relating to mobile home parks, mobile home tenancies, mobile home uses and other related matters that may be referred to it by the City Council from time to time. (WMC Chapter 2.61)


Composed of five members as follows: A) Two members shall be mobile home park tenants, residents of Westminster and selected by Council from a list supplied through the mobile home tenant associations. B) Two members shall be Westminster mobile home park owners, operators or managers and shall be selected by the council from a list supplied through the mobile home park owners and operators associations. C) One member shall be neither a mobile home park tenant, owner, operator, manager, attorney, real estate salesman, broker, mobile home broker, nor mobile home salesman and shall be selected by the council from a list of applicants-at-large, preferably one of whom shall have an accounting background. The at-large member shall be a full-time resident of the City of Westminster. A chairman and vice chairman of the commission shall be selected by the five commission members.


Meets on an “as needed” basis.