Community Services & Recreation Commission


  • Advise Council on matters pertaining to the acquisition and development of parks, recreational and human service facilities;
  • The beautification and improvement of the environment of the city;
  • The promotion of recreational programs within the city;
  • Plan and coordinate all activities and human service needs and programs for the community;
  • Solicit to the fullest extent possible the cooperation of the school authorities and public and private agencies interested in youth program activities; and
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the City Council. (WMC Chapter 2.56)


Each member of the Council appoints one of the five (5) commissioners who serves at the pleasure of the member of the City Council.


Meets at least six times per year or at the pleasure of the City Council.

Current Commissioners

Commissioner / Name Initial Appointment Term Expiration Date 
 Khanh Nguyen 01/14/2015  11/2018 
 Nhan Tran 01/11/2017  11/2018 
 Xavier Nguyen 06/27/2018  11/2018 
 Ryan Billings 01/14/2015  11/2018 
 Joseph Cobo 01/25/2017  11/2018 
 (Alt) Vacant   11/2018