Potentially Dangerous/Vicious Dog Review Board


The purpose of the review board is to review any petition filed by the Westminster Police Department or its Animal Control Department that seeks to declare a dog as a potentially dangerous or vicious dog.  (WMC Chapter 6.10)


Consists of three (3) members appointed by the City Council, priority for which shall be given to Westminster residents. One member at large shall be eighteen years of age or older and a resident of the City of Westminster; one (1) member to be a California licensed doctor of veterinary medicine, and one (1) member to be a certified dog trainer or certified animal behaviorist.


Meets on an “as needed” basis.

Current Members

Name Initial Appointment  Term Expires 
Cortney Dorney 01/13/2003 12/2018
Albert Luong 01/24/2007 12/2018
Ha Mach 01/11/2017 12/2018
(Alt) Vacant   12/2018