Oversight Board

The Oversight Board and Redevelopment Dissolution

The Oversight Board to the Successor Agency of the Westminster Redevelopment Agency is a State-mandated board, created in accordance with State law that dictated the dissolution of all redevelopment agencies in California. It is comprised of seven members that represent the local school districts, the City of Westminster, the County of Orange, the largest local special district, and the former employees of the redevelopment agency.

When the Westminster Redevelopment Agency was dissolved in 2012 and redevelopment operations ceased, the Successor Agency to the Westminster Redevelopment Agency (or "SAWRA") was created to implement wind-down activities. Generally speaking, SAWRA's role is to oversee the repayment of debt and completion of contracts.

The purpose of the Oversight Board is to approve any action taken by SAWRA. As the dissolution process is now several years old, SAWRA's actions are limited and therefore the Oversight Board typically only meets 2 to 3 times per year.

Debts and contract obligations are paid through a mechanism called the Redevelopment Obligation Payment Schedule, commonly known as the "ROPS".  Each year, SAWRA and the Oversight Board must approve the ROPS and submit it to the State Department of Finance by February 1st. The DOF then makes final determinations authorizing debt payments. Recent ROPS can be found below.

Pursuant to State law, the local Oversight Board will cease to operate beginning July 1, 2018. At that time, a county-wide Oversight Board will approve all actions taken by any successor agencies in Orange County. The County Auditor Controller will provide for the administration of the county-wide Oversight Board.

ROPS 2018-19 and Approving Resolution

Long Range Property Management Plan