Commission on Aging


To identify the needs of Westminster Seniors within the City and

  • To create a citizen awareness of these needs;
  • To encourage improved standards of services to Westminster Seniors and to encourage establishment of needed new services for seniors, both public and private;
  • To encourage coordination among organizations providing services to seniors within the City and Orange County; and
  • To provide advice and assistance where appropriate; and to advise the City Council on all matters affecting senior services within the City. (WMC Chapter 2.62)


Consists of seven (7) members, all of whom shall be residents of the City and over the age of sixty years. Each member of the City Council appoints one commissioner who shall serve at the pleasure of the member of the City Council who appointed the commissioner. The remaining two members are appointed by a majority vote of the Council. Appointed alternates commissioners shall attend meetings as requested by the Chair.


Meets at least six times per year or at the pleasure of the City Council.

Current Commissioners

Commissioner / Name Initial Appointment  Term Expiration Date
 Topaz Tran 06/14/2017 12/2018
 Carl Joupperi 04/26/2017   12/2018
 Richard Jolly  05/24/2017  12/2018
 Lou Stewart 01/14/2015   12/2018
 Henry Weil  02/11/2015  12/2018
 (Alt) Vacant    12/2018
 (Alt) Vacant    12/2018