Youth Committee


The Youth Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters of concern to the youth of the city, and shall work under the supervision of the Community Services and Recreation Department. The Youth Committee advises, recommends, assists and encourages activities and programs to be undertaken for and with the youth of the City of Westminster; keeps informed about, and familiar with, the progress and development of youth activities, programs and services; and assists and/or advises other community agencies with youth information. (Resolution No. 3801


Meets on an “as needed” basis.

Current Members

Name Initial Appointment  Term Expires 
Elise Coatney 07/27/2016 06/2018
Kathie Huynh 07/27/2016 06/2018
Sheila La 07/27/2016 06/2018
Jessica Le  09/14/2016 06/2018
Sydney Ly  07/27/2016  06/2018
 Tina Ly 07/27/2016  06/2018
Alexandra Quach  09/14/2016 06/2018 
 Kelly Ma
07/27/2016 06/2018 
Kaitlyn Ngo 07/27/2016 06/2018  
John Robledo 07/27/2016 06/2018 
 Loan Tran 07/27/2016 06/2018
 (Alt) Huy Dieu 08/16/2017 06/2018
(Alt) Marco Maldonado   08/16/2017 06/2018