City Compensation / MOU's

Bargaining Groups
• View the Memoranda of Understanding for each of the City's two (2) employee bargaining groups below:

Management, Administrative, and Confidential Employees
• Compensation and benefits for the City's unrepresented Management, Administrative, and Confidential Employees are set forth in a Resolution adopted by the City Council.
• For the complete description of compensation and benefits provided for this group, view the
Management, Administrative, and Confidential Employees Compensation Resolution here.

All City employees pay their full amount of their employee's share of PERS retirement costs, which ranges from 5.75% to 12.0% of their pensionable compensation.

Part-Time and Seasonal Employees
View the Compensation Resolution for the City's Part-Time and Seasonal Employees here.

City Council
• To see compensation provided to the Mayor and other members of the City Council, view the City Council Compensation Resolution here.

City Manager
• The City Manager's contract sets out all terms and conditions of employment, including term of agreement, performance review, termination provisions, and compensation. 
• For more detailed information, view the City Manager's Employment Agreement here.  

City Attorney
• The City of Westminster contracts with Richard Jones from the law firm of Jones & Mayer to serve as its City Attorney.
• For more detailed information about his contract, view the
City Attorney's Contract Agreement here