HR Department FAQ's

Q: How do I contact the Human Resources and Risk Management Department?

A: You may call us at (714) 548-3244 or (714) 548-3452; or visit City Hall at 8200 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683; or you can also contact us by e-mail at !

Q: How do I apply for employment with the City of Westminster?

A: All job openings are posted on the City website under "Employment Opportunities."  Online applications are accepted by simply clicking the (apply) button that is located in the top right corner of each vacancy announcement.  An applicant will then need to create or log into their Government Jobs account to submit their application. 

Q: Can I fax or email an application or a resume?

A: No, the City only accepts applications that are submitted online.

Q: How often do you recruit for a certain position?

A: There is no set time frame. Recruitments are initiated based upon departmental needs, however applications for Police Officers are accepted and processed continuously.

Q: How will I know what jobs I am qualified for and when to apply?

A: Whenever a position becomes available for an open recruitment, the City's Human Resources Department issues an announcement, known as a job flier, for the position. The job flier contains the job description which includes information on the duties, knowledge, abilities, education ,and any special qualifications that may be required. An opening and closing date appear on every job announcement. All job postings are placed on the City's website.  If you wish to sign up to receive e-mails whenever the City initiates a new recruitment, please click on the link to our Job Interest Card web page. 

Q: What if I am not selected or not interviewed?

A: Our objective is to hire the most qualified person for the job, so competition can be keen. If you are on the Eligibility List but not immediately selected or interviewed, your name will remain on the list for consideration for any other vacancies that occur until that list expires.

Q: How can I go about seeking to verify the employment of a City of Westminster employee?

A: Employment verification that includes the request of salary information will require a signed waiver from the employee.  The employment verification form and signed waiver need to be faxed to the Human Resources Department at 714-903-5932.