I want to report bad tasting/looking water.

Please contact Public Works-Water Division at (714) 548-3699 or (714) 548-3694

They are flushing hydrants in my area and my water turned brown!  Is that safe?

Your water is safe.  Though the sediment may discolor your water, it is not harmful.  This is normal during flushing of the water system.  If your water is discolored during flushings, discontinue use and resume after your water runs clear.  This could take up to two hours after flushing stops.  The Water Division recommends you avoid showering and washing clothes during the hours they are flushing in your area until your water runs clear.  Even though the water is safe to drink, the color in the water could discolor clothes.

What should I do if there is a water main break, pressure problems, leaks, or questions about the quality of the water?

Please contact our Water Division crew at 714 / 895-2876, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm.  For after hours and weekends water emergencies, contact the Westminster Police Department at 714 /898-3315.  They will then contact emergency stand-by personnel.

Who can I talk to regarding water billing, rates, charges, turn-on or turn-off services?

You can contact our Water Customer Service department at 714 / 894-3796.