Free Water Use Audit

Westminster residents who would like to reduce water use and bill costs, or those who would like to further conserve water, may participate in a Complementary Water Use Audit. Westminster Water Division Staff can help you to identify ways to reduce water use inside and outside your home.

Water Use Audits Include


  • Checking for leaks in toilets, faucets, and in the water meter
  • Checking showerhead flow rates, aerator flow rates, and recommend replacement, as necessary
  • Checking toilet flow rates, recommend installation of displacement device, replace leaking toilet flapper 


  • Checking irrigation system and timers
  • Reviewing and developing irrigation schedules
  • Measuring current landscaped area
  • Measuring total irrigation area

Complementary Water Use Audits are also available to multi-family property managers and owners.

For more information about complementary Water Use Audits contact Billy Tran at or 714-548-3690.