Above & Beyond Award

There were three citizens honored for their contribution to a criminal case in 2012.

Mr. Bonilla and Mr. Lee
On November 14, 2012, our patrol officers were called to 14082 Edwards Street reference a residential burglary.   It was reported to us that Citizens were chasing after the suspect.

The incident started when Mr. Brian Bonilla heard glass breaking at a neighbor’s apartment. He suspected a burglary was occurring and alerted Mr. Garrett Lee. The two of them approached and saw the suspect exiting their neighbor’s apartment.  As they confronted the suspect, they saw he had stolen property in his hands.   The suspect fled on foot from the apartment complex, and without any hesitation, Mr. Bonilla and Mr. Lee chased after him.

As the chase ensued, Mr. Bonilla and Mr. Lee updated police dispatchers about their direction of travel and location via a cell phone.  During the foot chase Mr.  Lee saw the suspect attempting to hide the stolen property.  Mr. Lee shoved the suspect to the ground in an attempt to detain him, but the suspect was able to get up, taking a fighting stance.  At that point, Mr. Lee made a great decision, and backed away.  At about this time, our officers arrived and took the suspect into custody without further incident.  

Because of their brave actions and willingness to get involved, the suspect was located and arrested. If not for the actions of these brave and outstanding citizens, this suspect would have likely continued to victimize members of our community.

Mr. Samer Dahouch
On November 9, 2012 Mr. Samer Dahouch was working at his store in the area of Bolsa Chica and Westminster Blvd.  A suspect entered the store and demanded all the money in the register. Fearing the suspect had a weapon; Mr. Dahouch initially complied with demands, allowing the suspect to exit with the cash.

To assist responding officers, once the suspect exited, Mr. Dahouch looked outside the store in an attempt to obtain a vehicle description and direction of travel.  Mr. Dahouch saw that the suspect was on a bicycle, and no weapon was visible,   At that point, Mr.Dahouch decided to make an attempt to detain the suspect. He exited the store and confronted the suspect.  A fight ensued between them, and the suspect was able to break free, riding away on his bike. Mr. Dahouch obtained a detailed description of the suspect, and slowed him down enough for responding officers to arrive in the area and take him into custody.