Citizen Awards

In 2003, the Westminster Police Department created two awards to be presented to citizens who have shown exemplary service in our community. These awards are:

  • Above & Beyond Award: This award is presented for “Extraordinary Commitment to Community Safety” and is recommended by an officer for positive action in a case or incident. It is awarded by the Chief of Police to members of the community who, at great risk to their own safety, intervene to prevent the completion of a criminal act in progress, or have demonstrated their commitment to public safety throughout the community through crime prevention activities.Of course, we would never expect or suggest a citizen to take action against a dangerous felon. However, we understand that some people are driven to service and action when they are confronted.  As such, this award was developed to honor these individuals.   


  • Special Commendation Student Medal: The Westminster Police Department, Westminster Police Officers Association and the Westminster School District created the “Westminster Police Department Special Commendation.” This award recognizes two students a year at each elementary school for their hard work and spirit. Teachers and/or staff of each school select the winning students.While not specifically an academic award, good grades are encouraged as well as: a positive spirit, a willingness to help other students and staff, being a positive role model, being current with all assignments and projects, and being well behaved.  Once selected, the students are awarded their medals at a school assembly. These are presented by officers who work directly with the school. These awards were first presented on May 14, 2003. Over 30 medals are awarded each year.