Community Partnership Award

2014:  Westminster Boys and Girls Club
The Westminster Boys and Girls Club has shared a long and collaborative relationship with the City of Westminster, and the Westminster Police Department. The mission of the Boys and Girls Club of American is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Since 1968, the Westminster Boys and Girls Club has fulfilled this mission each and every day. Through the programs they host at the club to the After School Education and Safety programs they facilitate at six different school sites, the Club is doing their part to ensure the success of our Westminster youth.

This past year, the Club worked on two very special programs with the members of the Westminster Police Department and the Westminster Police Officers Association. The first is the WPOA Hoops program. This is a free basketball program for 5th and 6th graders at the six after school sites operated by the Club. Members of our department take their own time to coach and mentor the players in the league. The season culminates with a championship and all-star event that is always well received.

The second program is the Shop with a Cop. This program takes place every year just before the holidays. Deserving children from the Club are selected to meet with an officer and go on a $100 shopping spree. Each of the families selected also receives a gift card to a local supermarket. This is a very rewarding program for both the Club and our department.
Both of these programs provide an opportunity to work with our youth in a very positive manner. These interactions are critical for the overall success of our community and the Westminster Police Department.

We are fortunate to share such a positive relationship with a great organization.

Community Partnership Award – Lance Lindgren
Lance Lindgren is a program supervisor for the Orange County Mental Health Care Agency. He has worked with the Westminster Police Department since 2003 as a member of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team or PERT.  In partnership with WPD, Lance goes into the field with our officers to address and evaluate people suffering from mental health issues. Many times these people are without any other resources. Lance is on the front line to provide immediate and on-going assistance to those who need it the most. This includes assistance to family members of those individuals that he serves. Lance has spent numerous hours training new and senior officers in responding to calls involving people suffering from mental health issues. Much like a chameleon, he has blended into the culture of the Westminster Police Department.  He is a valued asset whom has gone far beyond his normal duties to assist our department and our community. 

Community Partnership Award
The Community Partnership Award is presented to an employee of this city, a community organization or another governmental agency who has demonstrated great collaboration, team work or partnership and has enhanced our ability to provide excellent service to the Westminster Community.  This award can go to an individual, group, organization or outside agency.