Community Service Award

This award is given to those officers who have demonstrated an outstanding level of community participation and effort through identifying issues impacting the City, and developing and implementing strategies designed to mitigate these issues.


2014:  Crime Analyst Liz Yee
Liz is our Crime Analyst and has been with the Westminster Police Department for nine years. During those years she has been tasked with numerous responsibilities. These responsibilities have directly impacted the citizens of Westminster in a positive way. The analytical data she collects and distributes to police officers in the form of bulletins, charts, maps, and reports has improved the quality of life for people who work, live and visit the City of Westminster.

Liz manages and was responsible for the implementation of “Predpol.” Predpol is a data driven guide for police officers to assist them in the prevention of crime. The information is gathered by Liz, checked for accuracy, and then entered into the system for the officers to utilize. Based on the data entered by Liz, the system will use that information to predict where crime may occur. In fact, there have been burglary and drug related arrests directly linked to the information provided by this system.

Liz is also responsible for providing statistical information for “Crime Reports.” Crime Reports is the largest and most comprehensive crime mapping systems today. The information provided by Liz is used by officers and citizens alike. Officers use the information to evaluate any criminal trends occurring in the City and develop plans to address them. Citizens also use this system to learn what crime if any is occurring in their neighborhood. Liz has maintained the integrity of this system by providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Liz creates “Crime Bulletins” on a regular basis. In fact, last year she created 173 bulletins related to wanted suspects and crime trends. These bulletins are shared with numerous law enforcement agencies in the county. They have resulted in many arrests of criminal suspects. Liz reviews bulletins from other law enforcement agencies as well. On numerous occasions, she has helped solve crimes in our city as well as others by “connecting the dots” from these bulletins. An example would be a group of individuals who were committing numerous residential burglaries in our city and neighboring cities. She was able to provide information from these crime bulletins to investigators who were able to locate and arrest the suspects.

We sometimes fail to recognize the work that is done “behind the scenes.” The work that leads to the arrests of suspects and helps prevent crime. The work that helps provide a safe community we all want to live in. Criminal Analyst Liz Yee is that person behind the scenes

2013:  Officer Dave Ferronato

2013:  Officer Jose Flores

2012:  Corporal Van Woodson
Corporal Woodson has been with the Westminster Police Department for 22 years after serving several years at the Los Angeles Police Department.  Corporal Woodson was assigned a Problem Oriented Policing project which involved a residence that had been a nuisance for many years. The owner of the house was an elderly woman; however, her adult sons and their associates generated a large numbers of calls for service from neighbors. Officer Woodson spent countless hours speaking with the family and neighbors to try to resolve these issues. While he worked on addressing the problems, he also assisted the family in finding funds to make necessary improvements to the house.  In 2011, we responded to the residence 112 times. In 2012, just 19 times, most of which were self-initiated by officers, and only one was related to a disturbance.  Corporal Woodson and the officers who assisted him had a positive impact on both the residents and the neighborhood. 

2012:  Officer Alan Emerson
Officer Alan Emerson has been a member of the Westminster Police Department for 14 years. Alan was assigned as the lead on a Problem Oriented Policing Project that dealt with several quality of life issues for a residential neighborhood on the west side of our city. When surveyed, the residents stated they were concerned about the increase in graffiti and suspicious subjects loitering in the area. In some cases, residents feared leaving their homes after dark. Alan assembled a team of officers and then began to address the problems. He had several meetings with the residents to hear their concerns. He made himself available at all hours of the day and night and kept in constant communication with his team. He enlisted the help of other city departments including traffic engineering and code enforcement. At the completion of the project the results were dramatic. There was a 34% decrease in overall calls for service. Prior to the project the majority of calls for service were in reference to disturbances.  During the six month project Officer Emerson and his team’s efforts led to an 86% decrease in disturbance calls. Although the project is completed with great success, Officer Emerson still maintains a watch over this neighborhood to insure the problems do not return.