Life Saving Medal

2014:  Officer Travis Hartman

On August 11, 2014 at 1800hrs, the Westminster Police Department received a 911 call from Orange County Fire Authority requesting assistance. Several patrons called to report a 64-year old male was unconscious and not breathing inside a laundry mat on Westminster Blvd. Officer Travis Hartman was working patrol and was close by when the call was dispatched.

When Officer Hartman arrived on scene he was directed by several frantic patrons who were pointing inside the laundry mat. Officer Hartman ran inside and discovered the victim lying on the floor. His face and lips were purple and he appeared to be unconscious. Officer Hartman checked for respiration and a pulse, but did not locate either. Officer Hartman immediately began to perform CPR on the victim. After about two minutes of performing CPR, the victim began gasping for air and attempting to vomit. Officer Hartman placed the victim in a recovery position.

Orange County Fire Authority arrived a short time later and began to render aid to the victim. The victim was transported to Fountain Valley Hospital for further treatment. According the victim’s daughter, this is the fourth time an incident like this has occurred to her father in the past year. The victim made a full recovery at the hospital.
Because of Officer Hartman’s quick actions and lifesaving efforts, the victim was able to regain consciousness and start breathing on his own. Without Officer Hartman immediately rendering CPR to the victim, the outcome may have been tragic.

2013:  Sergeant Kevin Mac Cormick

2012:  Corporal Phuong Pham

In August 2012, Corporal Phuong Pham was dispatched to a possible drowning victim. Upon arrival on the call, Corporal Pham found an elderly woman had apparently fallen into the pool, was not breathing and had no pulse. Phuong wasted no time and began single person CPR on the woman.  Corporal Pham’s efforts were able to restore a pulse as the Orange County Fire paramedics arrived to assist. The woman was transported to the hospital with a pulse but, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries later in the evening. Although the female died, the life saving efforts administered by Corporal Pham gave the victim a chance at survival and ultimately provided family members the opportunity to spend her last few hours by her side.
The Life Saving Medal is awarded to members of the Westminster Police Department who, while serving in an official capacity, distinguish themselves conspicuously by providing life saving efforts to a person who, without immediate assistance, would be in eminent risk of death.