Part-Time Employee of the Year

2014:  Animal Control Officer Roland Perez
Animal Control Officer Perez has been with the department for just a short time, but has already made a significant impact. Although he goes about his job quietly, he has proven to be a well-rounded professional. Animal Control is one of the most sensitive areas of our community that requires caring and committed officers that possess a love for animals. Roland has these qualities, but also understands the need for enforcement of laws and the protection of animals from criminal behavior. Roland handled a horrific incident where a pit bull attacked its owner and 3 other family members causing serious injuries. All the victims were hospitalized and many of the police officers on scene relied heavily on Roland's expertise. He handled the entire case from start to finish and always kept the community and animal's safety in mind.

2013:  Civilian Investigator Frank Proctor

2012:  Police Aide Quintin Schoonmaker
Quintin Schoonmaker is a Police Aide assigned to the Professional Standards Unit.  He started with the department in 2007 and has been a valued employee ever since.  His job duties include insuring the patrol fleet is maintained and equipped for deployment, inventory of department radios, assistance with background investigations, issuance of department identification cards, assisting with organizing training, and the issuance of departmental equipment.   He does all of this in just twenty hours per week, and for most of last year, while he was taking nineteen units at Cal State Long Beach.  In December 2012, Quintin graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Electronic Arts.

This part-time employee is without a doubt one of the hardest workers within our department, and has maintained a positive attitude in spite of being faced with ever increasing workloads. 
The Westminster Police Department simply would not function without the support of many part-time, reserve, and volunteer personnel. Although they only work about twenty hours per week, their impact is felt throughout our operations. Because of the vital role part-time personnel play within our organization, each year we honor those who stand out. For this award, all part-time employees, reserve officers, and volunteers were considered. The honor is awarded to the part-time employee who has exemplified the mission, vision, and values of the Westminster Police Department through consistent dedication and unwavering commitment.