Part-Time Employee of the Year

Cindy Gray was named the 2017 Part Time Employee of the Year. Gray is currently assigned to the Professional Standards Unit. In 2017, she was assigned to the Property Division.

“Cindy has always caught on quickly no matter what division she is assigned to and always comes to work with a positive attitude and ready to work hard,” WPOA Kees Davis said. “While working in the Property Division, she was responsible for tracking thousands of pieces of evidence, ensuring evidence is distributed to the proper laboratories, and following up on court cases and chain of custody documentations. Cindy has taken on many new duties and responsibilities, and takes on these challenges with determination and enthusiasm.”


The Westminster Police Department simply would not function without the support of many part-time, reserve, and volunteer personnel. Although they only work about twenty hours per week, their impact is felt throughout our operations. Because of the vital role part-time personnel play within our organization, each year we honor those who stand out. For this award, all part-time employees, reserve officers, and volunteers were considered. The honor is awarded to the part-time employee who has exemplified the mission, vision, and values of the Westminster Police Department through consistent dedication and unwavering commitment.