Supervisor of the Year

Supervisor of the Year
This honor is awarded to a corporal or higher rank supervisor whom has exemplified the mission, vision, and values of the Westminster Police Department during the entire calendar year. Areas of emphasis that will be considered in the selection process include:

  • Development of employees
  • Projects and/or specific incidents which demonstrate leadership
  • Level of productivity in their specific assignment as it relates to addressing crime and quality of life issues
  • Representation of the Westminster Police Department in the community
  • Respected by their peers and other department employees

The 2017 recipient:

Sergeant Scott Gump was named 2017 Supervisor of the Year.  He is currently assigned to patrol, where his main responsibility is supervising patrol officers and monitoring field activity. He is also a WPOA board director and is in charge of the WPOA Hoops Basketball League as well as the annual WPOA fireworks stand. He is also an instructor at Golden West Police Academy and Golden West SWAT Academy.

“This is only a small part of Scott’s responsibilities and impact that he has at the department,” WPOA President Mike Ogawa said at the recent awards banquet. “He is also on the West County SWAT Team as assistant team leader on the entry team. Scott is a long-time explorer advisor that helps mentor youth that aspire to have careers in law enforcement. Scott is also a rangemaster and helps both create and facilitate training activities at our range, and goes out of his way to take time to work with officers who need further help sharpening their tactics or shooting accuracy,” said Ogawa.