Supervisor of the Year

2014:  Sergeant Cord Vandergrift
Cord is a senior sergeant in patrol who comes to work every day with a positive attitude. Many officers state he makes working patrol fun and lets his subordinates develop themselves by allowing them to make decisions on a day to day basis. In addition to his patrol duties, Sergeant Vandergrift has been a committed member of the West County SWAT Team for the past 16 years. Currently, he is the Entry team leader, one of the more critical assignments on SWAT. Sergeant Vandergrift is a member of the WPD range staff, trauma support team, and a well-known and respected member of the Golden West Police Academy training staff. In this position, Cord has had the opportunity to impact new law enforcement officers all over the southland and represent WPD in a professional and distinguished manner.

2013:  Sergeant Alan Iwashita

2012:  Sergeant Kevin MacCormick
Sergeant MacCormick has been at the Westminster Police Department for 13 years. He is currently assigned to patrol operations and works weekend-dayshift. Kevin is an extremely dedicated employee and is constantly looking for ways he can help out the department and his employees. In addition to being a skilled patrol supervisor, Kevin is a team leader on the West County SWAT Team and a member of the Westminster Police Department Honor Guard. In one of his nominations for this award an officer wrote, “I think the true definition of a good supervisor is when they lead by example, and Kevin does this day in and day out. He has improved attitudes with his positive leadership and willingness to treat others with respect and kindness.” Clearly, these are attributes of what we want to see in our supervision team at the Westminster Police Department.
Supervisor of the Year

This honor is awarded to a corporal or higher rank supervisor whom has exemplified the mission, vision, and values of the Westminster Police Department during the entire calendar year. Areas of emphasis that will be considered in the selection process include:

  • Development of employees
  • Projects and/or specific incidents which demonstrate leadership
  • Level of productivity in their specific assignment as it relates to addressing crime and quality of life issues
  • Representation of the Westminster Police Department in the community
  • Respected by their peers and other department employees