Police Dispatcher

Consider a Career as a Police Dispatcher!

This is not your regular desk job. There is something different every day!

Salary $47,784 - $67,236 annually

Imagine starting your day as a Police Dispatcher with the Westminster Police Department. You come in at 6:30 p.m. to start your shift and sit at the dispatch console. Your first call is a traffic accident with injuries. The next call is an upset homeowner reporting her house broken into while she was away. Another caller is despondent over the breakup of his marriage and contemplating suicide. You then receive a call from a frantic liquor store clerk reporting he was just robbed at gunpoint and shots were fired inside the store. A responding officer locates the suspect vehicle and goes into pursuit. During all of this activity, the phones keep ringing while officers are making car stops, running license plates, warrant checks, and requesting paramedics and tow trucks. Teamwork and the ability to multi-task are vital to effectively handling this fast paced career. Besides, how often do you get a chance to tell a cop where to go?

The Communications Division handles nearly 180,000 telephone calls per year. Dispatchers answer and prioritize 9-1-1 calls, emergency and business lines; monitor numerous police radio channels, dispatch officers and public safety personnel. Dispatchers are an integral part of police patrol operations. They are the primary link between the public and officers in the field. Making quick, accurate and sound decisions is crucial. The ability to learn new material and recall this information is extremely important.

Dispatching is a highly skilled position that requires the ability to keep up with high activity levels, remain calm and composed while handling life and death situations, perform duties keeping the safety of citizens and officers the highest priority, multitask like you've never seen before, make split second decisions, exercise sound critical thinking skills, and type as fast as someone can yell. 

The Communications Center is a 24-hour, 7-day a week operation, requiring shift work, weekends, holidays, and overtime. Shift assignments and vacations are based on seniority. Dispatchers work a 3/12 schedule. For further information on benefits for Police Dispatchers, see the link below.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Comfortable talking to the public with a high volume of incoming calls
  • React quickly, efficiently, and calmly in emergency situations
  • Ability to speak and type in a clear and concise manner
  • Accurate listening and comprehension skills
  • Multi-task oriented and exercise critical thinking skills
  • Elicit information from persons in varied states of mind
  • Motivated, reliable, detail oriented, with a strong work ethic
  • Learn and utilize police codes
  • Demonstrated computer entry skills
  • Ability to work a flexible work schedule

To learn more about a career in dispatching, visit our Human Resources page.