Frequently Asked Questions - Code Enforcement Division

How do I get a grocery cart picked up?

The City of Westminster contracts with Calilfornia Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation to remove stray or abandoned shopping carts.  CSCRC can be reached at 800-252-4613.  This telephone number operates 24 hours a day.  

Code Enforcement PSA Video - Stray Shopping Carts

I want to hold an outdoor / open-air event; do I need a permit?

Yes. You would need a one-day special event permit, if you plan to have amplified sounds such as music, speaker sound, megaphones, etc.

I want to report illegal dumping.

If there is an immediate danger, dial 911.  Otherwise, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at (714) 548-3246.

I want to report a polluter.

Depending on the type of pollution, City Code Enforcement Officers are usually the point of contact. Code Enforcement can be contacted through City Hall at 714/548-3246.  If the pollution is occurring at the time of your call, or after business hours, the police department can be contacted for action at 714/898-3315.

May I put up a sign on a telephone pole?

No sign may be placed or maintained upon any portion of a public right-of-way, including street signs, street trees, or utility poles.

Where can I report a Code Enforcement violation?

The City offers several avenues for reporting a violation:

  1. Contact Code Enforcement directly at 714/546-3246 during normal business hours.
  2. Contact the 24-Hour Violation Reporting Hotline at 714/548-3246.  This is a voice mailbox which will accept messages 24 hours a day, and is maintained by the Code Enforcement Division. This line is for non-emergency calls only.
  3. Submit a report using the My Westminster mobile app.

Who do I contact about a car parked on someone’s lawn.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 714/548-3246 or fill out a notification form in the My Westminster mobile app.

Who do I contact about garbage cans left on the sidewalk.

Please contact Midway City Sanitation District at 714/893-3553.

Code Enforcement PSA Video - Trash Bins

Who do I talk to about an illegal addition on a home.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 714/548-3246 or submit a report using the free My Westminster mobile app.

Who should I contact about a fence.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 714/548-3246.