Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which stresses education to minimize and deter crime. The primary goal of Neighborhood Watch is to increase neighborhood awareness so that potential crime risks and current crime problems can be quickly identified and combated in the most efficient manner. This program allows residents to become more actively involved as partners in crime prevention. Participants receive the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter which contains helpful crime prevention information ranging from home security tips to child safety and much more. If you are interested in forming or participating in a Neighborhood Watch program, please see the following on-line links for National Neighborhood Watch programs:

The Neighborhood Watch Newsletter (NWN) has been in circulation for more than 20 years in the City of Westminster.  It is published quarterly with the purpose of keeping citizens informed of crime prevention tips, crime trends, updates on laws, and basic crime statistics for neighborhoods throughout the City of Westminster. Below, you will find several past issues of the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter.   If you are interested in receiving the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter, please email us at

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