Retired Officers

WELCOME! This page is solely devoted to retired Westminster Police Officers.
Here, you will find information in regard to ID card renewal and other topics that affect retired officers.

CCW Retirees

Effective February 20, 2009, there will be significant changes for all retired Westminster Officers that possess a CCW endorsement on their identification card.  Retirees will be required to renew their ID card and qualify with the “active duty qualification standard” course of fire annually.  The changes come as the department observes HR218 (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act 2004) and other State statutes to certify certain retirees as “Qualified Retired Law enforcement Officers” or “QRLO.”

We recommend every WPD retiree read “Understanding HR218” in the link below and review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section of the document.

The identification card renewal process is contained in the link below labeled “QRLO Renewal Information.”  This will lead you through the process of renewing your identification card and completing the QRLO form to maintain your credential.  Every retiree must complete a QRLO form to receive their new identification card.

*Please note that retirees will be responsible for making a note of their respective renewal dates and are advised to begin the renewal process 45 days in advance of their ID's expiration date.

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