Information Technology

The City of Westminster's Information Technology (IT) Department has five full-time employees who work to support the City's information systems needs. The role of the IT Department is crucial to our City, as technology has become an underlying component in just about every activity performed throughout the City. We rely on the IT team to keep us up to date and informed on all pertinent information, maintain relevant network systems, and continue to think ahead to prepare us for emerging best practices. IT is invaluable in helping our City staff provide the best external and internal customer service possible.

The IT technicians work split shifts in order to provide coverage five days a week for more than 250 users throughout the City. We are constantly trying to help our personnel work more efficiently with technology systems (such as: geographical information systems, mobility solutions, digital fingerprinting, computerized dispatch, wireless networks, electronic report writing and document image management) so we can serve the community more effectively.