Research & Planning

Research and Planning is staffed by a Research Analyst responsible for seeking grant opportunities in line with the Westminster Police Department’s (WPD) efforts in crime prevention and community outreach.  The grant process is highly competitive with numerous agencies and other entities submitting grant applications for a limited amount of available funding.  Over the years, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been awarded to the WPD by way of grants made available thru Federal and State agencies.  Grant funding has been instrumental in providing the WPD with specialized police services, acquisition of new technology and equipment, officer training, police vehicles, community outreach and education. 

The WPD Annual Report is a project facilitated by Research and Planning.  The report includes an overview of each division, crime statistics, and a description of all the programs the department sponsors or participates in, highlights various case investigations, notes the WPD’s special accomplishments and recognition awarded to both police officers and civilian staff. 

Other projects include:

  • Research and reporting of current local and national police trends and best practices
  • Analysis of federal, state and local legislative proposals and its potential impact on assigned operations within the department
  • Preparation of staff reports and resolution and ordinance changes as directed by the Command Staff