A car alarm is driving me crazy.

If a car alarm is sounding continually, call the police department at (714) 898-3315, ext 326, to report it.

How can I find out why my vehicle was towed, where it is and how I get it back?

Please call with your license plate number or your vehicle identification number.  If you cannot locate that information, please be prepared to tell us the date, time and location your car was towed from.  If your car was towed by a private party, we will inform you of the name of the tow company, the address if known, and a phone number to contact.  If your vehicle was towed for police business, we will inform you of the reason for the car tow and present you with the pertinent information.   

In order to receive a vehicle release, you must present a current, valid driver's license and current registration.  If you do not have a valid driver's license you must bring someone with you who does.  You must be the registered owner or have authorization from the registered owner to obtain a release.   

If your car was impounded pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 14602.6 (driving while his/her license has been suspended, revoked or without ever having been issued a CDL), your car has been impounded for 30 days.  You have a right to a hearing to determine the validity of the impound.  You must respond in writing, by phone, or in person to schedule a hearing within 10 days of the date of your notice.  Once your vehicle is scheduled for release, you will need all pertinent DMV paperwork and current automobile insurance.  For further information regarding your impound, please call the Trafficking & Parking Enforcement Unit at (714) 548-3220 or 714 548-3833.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

The City of Westminster does not issue parking permits at the present time.

I need help with a traffic ticket.

If you have general questions about the content of your traffic ticket, you may either stop by the Westminster Police Department, or call them at (714) 898-3315.

I want to complain about a car blocking my driveway.

If a car is blocking your driveway, call the police department at (714) 898-3315.  An officer will be dispatched.

I want to complain about speeding traffic in my neighborhood.

Please contact Westminster Police Department at (714) 898-3315, or Traffic Engineer at (714) 548-3462.

I want to notify someone about gang activity.

If you have information about illegal activity in progress that constitutes an immediate threat to someone's physical safety or property, contact the emergency number of the police department (911).  Otherwise, if you have information about a crime that has occurred in the City of Westminster, then contact the police department via our business line (714-898-3315) to report the information you have.

I want to report a city vehicle driven recklessly.

To report a city vehicle being driven recklessly, you may call the Westminster Police Department at (714) 898-3315. To assist us in identifying the proper city department, please try to obtain any identifying information on the vehicle and driver, so we may forward the report to the appropriate city department.

I want to report an abandoned vehicle.

You may report an abandoned vehicle to the police department at (714) 898-3315.  The police department will dispatch an officer who will evaluate the situation and mark the vehicle.  If the vehicle has not been moved for 72 hours after it has been marked, the Traffic Bureau will tow the vehicle. 

Code Enforcement PSA Video - Inoperable Vehicles

I would like a car towed from my property.

If your property is of a commercial nature and is properly posted, you may call a tow company for a private property impound.  If the vehicle is on private property, such as a single family residence, the property owner may have the vehicle towed away after notification to the local traffic law enforcement agency, per California Vehicle Code 22658(a).  Any charges arising from the tow may be recovered through civil means from the registered owner of the vehicle.

I need help with my car registration.

You may get help with your car registration through your local California Department of Motor Vehicles.

I want to contest a traffic ticket. 

If you wish to dispute a traffic citation, you must contact the West Justice Center and request a court trial.

Where do I get a handicapped parking permit?

To obtain a handicapped parking placard, you must contact your local California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Where do I renew my driving license?

You may renew your driving license at your local California Department of Motor Vehicles.