Building Inspections

Once plans are approved by all reviewing agencies, a building permit can be issued. At the time of permit issuance, you will receive a set of approved plans and an inspection card that has a list of required inspections.  


You are required to have an inspection at the end of all major phases of the project. To schedule an inspection, call the inspection request line at (714) 548-3254. Inspection requests received before 4:30 PM will be scheduled for the next working day. Please have the work completed before calling for inspection. Time frames cannot be scheduled on the inspection request line. If you would like to request a time frame, please contact the inspector between 7:30 and 8:30 AM on the day of the inspection. The following information is required before an inspection can be scheduled:

  • The permit number or numbers
  • Property address and unit numbers
  • Type of inspection or inspections
  • Your name and your telephone number
  • If in a gated community please provide a gate access code

Approved set of plans, inspection card, permits and sub contractors’ proof of license shall be available at the job site during inspections. Have the contractor available to meet the inspector at the job site. Once the project is completed, the inspector will sign off the permit. It will then be placed in the permanent file for the property. 

Final Approvals

Before release of new utilities for a project or occupancy of new construction or major remodels, a departmental checklist must be completed for each building. The checklist is routed to Planning, Engineering (Public Works), and Fire Authority when applicable. Once the checklist has all the required signatures, the checklist is forwarded to the Building Official for final approval. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued prior to use or occupancy of new buildings and when there is a change in the occupancy classification of an existing building.