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Major Projects

Recently Approved Projects

Della Rosa Housing Development

Approved by the City Council in May 2017, the Della Rosa project was recently awarded much-needed state tax credit funding and can now proceed with development. The project consists of 50 affordable housing units, and is being built by Affirmed Housing, in partnership with the Westminster Housing Authority and County of Orange, to help meet the need for decent, safe housing for all. The project demolished a vacant and obsolete retail building (April 2019), and will replace it with an attractive development that will improve the City's image along heavily-traveled Beach Boulevard.

Westminster Crossing

The Westminster Crossing developer, Meta Housing, proposes to develop 65 apartment units affordable to low income individuals and families. Located at the corner of Westminster Blvd and Locust St, the project is in the heart of the General Plan's "Downtown" mixed use area. The proposed project will help further the intent of the designation by incorporating mixed use design elements. The project is being undertaken in partnership with the Westminster Housing Authority, and will seek further funding sources over the course of 2019. A Planning Commission public hearing is tentatively scheduled for January 23, 2019.

Bolsa Row 

Approved in June 2018, the Bolsa Row project will bring a dynamic, mixed use complex to Little Saigon. Comprised of approximately 200 apartments, a hotel, a banquet facility, and about 45,000 square feet of retail, Bolsa Row will elevate Little Saigon to a place you can shop, entertain, and stay.