Council Member Chi Charlie Nguyen

 Chi Charlie Nguyen

Council Member


Council Member Nguyen was first elected in 2016 to serve on the Midway City Sanitary Board and is proud to be serving as the Board President.  He was then elected as a city Council Member in November 2018.
Council Member Nguyen grew up in Orange County.  He went to Westminster / Bolsa Grande High School, graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at Cal State University, Fullerton and went on to receive his Master's Degree from California State University, Long Beach.

Council Member Nguyen is passionate about serving all members of our community.  As a compassionate community leader, he has been volunteering to work on various projects for the last 35 years.  Many of these projects were directly to help the youths, young adults and seniors.

He is an experienced engineer and a successful businessman.  For years, he has successfully managed his own business in the City of Westminster.
In his engineering profession, he worked for the Boeing Company, Rockwell International, and B/E Aerospace companies. He worked as a Design Engineer, a Risk Management Engineer, a Project Manager and Manager. His last position at Rockwell was as a Senior Manager in the Department of Engineering. 
As a Senior Manager for large corporations, he managed Supervisors, Project Managers and Engineers.  He managed to set priorities with limited resources to produce the best products for the company.

As a successful businessman running his own company, he is responsible for the whole operation, top-down business strategies and day to day activities.

Council Member Nguyen truly believes that with his well-rounded management and proven leadership skills, along with his passion to serve members of our community, he will continue to make positive impacts. He has sincere enthusiasm to make the City of Westminster safe and prosperous place to live and to raise the family.