Vice Mayor Kimberly Ho



Kimberly Ho

Vice Mayor

 Dr. Kimberly Ho is very proud to be serving as the first Vietnamese-American woman to be elected to the Westminster City Council.  Dr. Ho has been very involved in Westminster civic affairs, serving in leadership roles as a member of the Westminster Traffic Commission as well as a member of the City’s Planning Commission.  She was also selected to serve on Westminster’s Financial Task Force.  Dr. Ho currently serves on Orange County Public Library Advisory Board, West Orange County Water Board and she is the Chairwoman of the Miss Westminster Scholarship Competition Organization. In addition, she has been a successful businesswoman in Westminster for nearly 30 years.
She is a true American success story. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was just 11 years old. Like many other children of immigrants, she was brought up to appreciate the values of hard work and education.  She learned the value of education at a young age, pursued her undergrad at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pacific (UOP), where she had a Merit Scholarship.  She went on to obtain a Post Doctorate Fellowship in Research from the University of Southern California (USC), where she held the title of Clinical Lecturer and Fellow.  She went back to school in an effort to take her businesses to the next level.  She attended the University of Irvine (UCI) where she received an Executive Masters in Business Administration. 

Dr. Ho combined her experience and education to launch a revolutionary process for skin restoration and beauty care which she grew into a successful international skin care company.  She also has a popular television show and two radio programs with thousands of listeners in the Vietnamese community across the nation.

Family is very important to her, she is very close to her parents.  Dr. Ho is a loving wife and a proud mother of two sons. Her husband is a successful Physician, specializing in Gastroenterology.   Her sons are the biggest blessings in her life.  Over the years, she has shown each of them the value of hard work, not by telling them rather by showing them.  
Dr. Ho is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with the citizens of Westminster.  She is eager to promote tourism to stimulate the local economy and put Westminster on the world map for being a viable tourist destination which will ultimately improve the financial condition of the City.  It is her desire to develop and support strong economic strategies to grow Westminster’s business industry to increase revenue.  She has become the liaison to the Westminster Chamber of Commerce, developing seminars to share with the business community to grow their businesses and how to do business in today’s economy.   She is an advocate for promoting citizen engagement to develop a shared responsibility for community involvement.  She believes it is important to communicate directly with residents and business owners and will always find time to hear their comments and suggestions.