Arrest Booking Fee

In accordance with the City of Westminster Municipal Code 1.31.010/1.13.030 and Government Code Section 29550.1/29550.3, at the time of your sentencing, the State of California Superior Court may order a criminal justice administrative fee as part of your penalties. This is also called the Arrest Booking Fee. The Westminster Police Department jail facility provided you a courtesy notice at the time of your arrest indicating that a an "Order for payment of a criminal justice administration fee" may be imposed. The fee is:

$206.58  - Arrest Booking Fee
$25.00    - Arrest (Released on Own Recognizance)
$10.00    - Arrest (Cite & Release)

At the time of your sentencing, if you plead or are found guilty (convicted), you will be ordered by the judge to make payment of any fees associated to the arrest or detention process.

Failure to make payment of these fees after your conviction may result with a warrant for violation of a court order. You do not have to pay this fee until you are convicted of the crime and ordered by the court to make payment. Once ordered, you will be sent a letter from our Citation processing company to make payment. You will have thirty (30) days to make this payment.

The City of Westminster Police Department provides online payment services at or by mail to:

City of Westminster - Arrest Booking Fee
c/o Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11370
Santa Ana, CA 92711

Online Payments

The City of Westminster provides online services. Online Bill Pay provides a secure and environmentally friendly and efficient way of making payments using a credit card. The City of Westminster accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and debit card payments via our on-line processing company at

Check or Money Order Payments

The City of Westminster Police Department accepts checks or money order payments mailed to the above address, or made in person at our office located at 8200 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683. Your check or money order will be forwarded to the processing company.

GC Section 29550.3 - Authority to Recover Booking Fees

"Any city is entitled to recover administrative costs it incurs in conjunction with the arrest if the person is convicted of any criminal offense related to the arrest, whether or not it is the offense for which the person was booked."

City of Westminster Ordinance (WMC 1.13.010 / 1.13.030)

As of July 1, 2009, the City of Westminster has established the Criminal Justice Administration Fee. You are notified at the time of your booking or by mail of the Arrest Booking Fee due.

Privacy Act Notice: (5 U.S.C. Section 552a)

Disclosure of your social security number is required by California Government Code section 68107 and by court policy. Social Security numbers are used by the courts and other government agencies to verify identity and to assist in the collection of court-ordered fees, fines, and penalties. Any Social Security number disclosed pursuant to G.C. Section 68107 is not a public record.