Fallen Heroes

The Westminster Police Department was established in 1958. The department served the community of Westminster for 45 years prior to losing its first officer in the line of duty in 2003. Within the next seven months the department would lose its second officer in the line of duty. Having such a long history of service to the community of Westminster without suffering the loss of an officer, no one had conceived of the need for a police memorial. The Westminster Police Department Memorial Committee was formed in June of 2004 to address the issue of how to honor our fallen officers. The police memorial provides families a place to see their loved ones memorialized for eternity. We shall never forget the sacrifice these officers and families have made for the citizens of Westminster.

The Westminster Police Department memorial committee selected a site for the police officer memorial inside the Civic Center commons at 8200 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CA. The proposed site was intended to offer a tranquil setting for those visiting the memorial, provide a suitable venue for annual ceremonies and offer the greatest viewing opportunities to the public. The design of the police memorial was a culmination of ideas presented by committee members. The statue design is intended to inspire those who visit the memorial and provide an uplifting experience. Plaques honoring each of our fallen officers adorn the walls surrounding the central statue pedestal.

We hope that family members, friends, co-workers, and the citizens of Westminster will take the time to honor our officers by visiting the memorial often.  On the anniversary date of each fallen officer, friends, family and co-workers meet briefly early in the morning to remember, honor and give thanks for the officer and his influence on the community and department. Once a year close to Memorial Day, an evening event is held to honor all three officers.  Family, friends and co-workers of all three officers are invited to attend.

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