We Accept Crime Tips

In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1!

This page is not for reporting a crime.  Do not attempt to contact us by email for reporting a crime.

If you would like to report suspicious circumstances that are occurring now with no immediate threat to persons or property, please contact our Communications Center at any time using our business number  by calling 714-898-3315, Ext. 3212.

If you have information regarding a crime that has occurred, or you believe will occur, within the city of Westminster and would like to report this information anonymously to the police department, e-mail or call us. Please relay as much specific information as possible regarding:

  • Suspect(s) name
  • Suspect(s) age or date of birth
  • Suspect(s) address
  • Suspect(s) physical description (sex, race, height, weight, hair & eye color etc.)
  • Suspect(s) clothing description (hats, shirts, pants, jewelry etc.)
  • Suspect(s) places of frequency (work, school, bars or hangouts)
  • Suspect(s) vehicles or method(s) of transportation (cars, bus, motorcycle, on foot etc.)
  • Suspect(s) Vehicle description (Color, Make, Model, Year, unusual marks etc.)
  • What crime occurred
  • Location of Crime
  • Date and Time that Crime occurred (if possible)
  • If the crime involved weapons, narcotics, or gangs
  • Any pertinent information regarding the crime

If you choose to give your name, please leave as much of the following information about yourself as possible:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Work Phone Number
  • Home Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Best times to contact you

(Please leave a message at the phone numbers listed below if you call after hours and no one answers the phone.)

Homicide NVasquez@westminster-ca.gov
714-898-3315 Ext. 3815
714-898-3315 Ext. 3750
Crime Against Persons (Robbery, Assaults, Domestic Violence, etc.)
Gangs & Graffiti (any gang related crime/information) OAyala@westminster-ca.gov 
714-898-3315 Ext. 3772
714-898-3315 Ext. 3790
Crimes Against Property (ID Theft, Burglaries, Vehicle Thefts, etc.)   714-898-3315 
Narcotics (illegal sales, distribution, & use) 714-898-3315
Vice (Bars, prostitution, massage parlors, etc.) 714-898-3315