Area Command

Welcome to the Westminster Police Department’s Area Command website. It is my hope that you find this website useful in both communicating information to you about your community and as a vehicle by which you may exchange your thoughts with us concerning your neighborhood.

On January 1, 2011, the Westminster Police Department implemented an Area Command service delivery model. The objective of this command structure is to address crime issues and improve quality of life through accountability, professional responsibility, and strategic utilization of our limited police resources.

The genesis of the Westminster Police Department’s transition to the Area Command strategy has its roots in the development of the Department’s Reorganization Plan in 2010. Westminster’s constituency clearly communicated a desire for enhanced community relations, partnership and outreach. Furthermore, these stakeholders asked for enhanced community policing activities and interaction with operations level police personnel. As part of the Reorganization Plan’s direction and strategy, an Area Command service delivery model was proposed as a means to achieve enhanced community outreach, accountability, and to give the public a single point of contact for issues and concerns.

Specifically we have divided the City into two distinct geographic areas and have designated these regions as the East and West Command Areas. Each Command has one Westminster Police Lieutenant designated as the Area Commander and at least one Police Service Officer. Each Area Commander is being held accountable for understanding the issues and concerns unique to their service area and for developing strategies and directing resources to solve problems and improve the quality of life for our citizens.

It is important for our residents to understand that the Area Commander is not a substitute for dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency or for making a call to our dispatch center should a routine request for police services be needed. Moreover, under the Area Command system all segments of our community will continue to receive the same level of police resources and service as they have in the years past.

In conclusion, the Area Command strategy will use a variety of traditional and community based policing strategies to address crime and quality of life issues. We invite you to meet our Area Commanders and have posted maps and contact information on this website so that everyone understands the service area in which they reside and how to contact your Area Commander. The Area Command policing strategy is just one of the many steps the Westminster Police Department has undertaken to help us achieve our vision of “World Class Policing.”