Detective Bureau

Commander Cord Vandergrift is the Detective Bureau Commander and also manages Forensic Services, Property and Evidence. He can be reached at 714-548-3732.

The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating crimes against property (fraud, burglary, vehicle theft, etc.), crimes against persons (homicides, assaults, domestic violence, gang related crimes, etc.), and crimes against the public (narcotics, prostitution, intelligence gathering, gambling, counterfeiting, etc.). Our Detective Bureau is also responsible for filing the cases with the District Attorney's office, when a case investigation discovers enough information upon which to base a prosecution. Please go to each of the respective investigative unit web pages to find out more about these different units and their responsibilities.

Detectives generally do not create the original report, but do investigate reports originated by patrol officers who have made the initial response to the scene of the crime. The detective then reviews those reports for any leads or evidence that would require follow-up investigation and additional work is done in an attempt to bring the case to some resolution. Detectives work closely with investigators from neighboring jurisdictions who may have similar crime trends or suspects. Detectives also work with crime victims to help resolve a case. If you would like to know more about your role as a crime victim, please read our flyer.