Professional Standards Unit

 Commander Cameron Knauerhaze is the Professional Standards Unit Commander and can be reached at (714) 548-3791.



The Westminster Police Department is a highly professional police organization. The Professional Standards Unit of the Westminster Police Department preserves the public's trust and confidence by conducting thorough and impartial investigations of alleged employee misconduct, providing proactive measures to prevent such misconduct, and by maintaining the highest standards of fairness and respect towards our citizens and employees.

What is the function of the Professional Standards Unit?

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for receiving, processing, supervising and controlling investigations that involve allegations of criminal conduct and acts of misconduct involving members of the Westminster Police Department. The Professional Standards Unit ensures that allegations made against members of the Westminster Police Department are thoroughly and objectively investigated.

The Professional Standards Unit maintains a comprehensive index of all complaints received against all members. The Professional Standards Unit has the responsibility to investigate:

  • Any allegation of criminal conduct involving any member of the department.
  • Any allegation of misconduct involving any member of the department.
  • Allegations of unnecessary or excessive force used by a member of the department during the performance of their duty.

The Professional Standards Unit also insures that all police officers are in compliance with training as required by the California Police Officers' Standards and Training (P.O.S.T). In addition, the unit is tasked with recruiting and hiring of all police department employees.

Additional Responsibilities include:

  • Piloting and Coordinating the Community Academy Program
  • Organizing and regulating Equipment
  • Executing and Overseeing Recruitment and Backgrounds
  • Facilitating and Managing the Training Center Facilities (Range, Mat Room, Sim House, Classroom)