Records Bureau

The Westminster Police Department Records Bureau accounts for all police records on a daily basis.

Records Specialists are responsible for reviewing the information for release, determining if there are exemptions, and to follow department policy and procedures on the dissemination of those records. Records Specialists assist the public in requests for records following the California Public Records Act laws. 

The Records Bureau processes local and state criminal offender information, input information for Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting standards, and actively perform a detailed list of law enforcement recordkeeping processes.  The responsibilities to the State of California include mandatory entries into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunication Systems (CLETS) for records such as impounds, missing persons, stolen property and firearms, restraining orders, sex registrants, to name a few. Staff has training in over fifty technical systems. Other additional assignments, include supply ordering, forms management, subpoena management, mail distribution, jail matron duties, adult and juvenile sealings, warrants and  due diligence processing, scanning and filing.

We use a Records Management System that allows for the electronic storage and dissemination of crime reports to various agencies.  As a result, we submit our court packages electronically to the DA’s office, uploading traffic collision reports for online services, and even share local data within the Orange County community. Be sure to check out this website for online payments and fee schedule for citations, arrest booking fees, DUI emergency response fees, false alarm payments, or purchase copies of traffic collision reports 24/7. 

The Records Bureau is responsible include:

  • Lobby assistance


  • Public Records requests (for police records)
  • Crime Reports
  • Arrest Reports (for court)
  • Traffic Collision reports
  • Criminal Citations
  • Parking Citations
  • Administrative Citations
  • Field Investigation Cards
  •  Crime Statistics


  • Sex Registrant Files
  • Warrant Files


  • Discovery
  • Subpoena management
  • Permits and licensing
  • False alarm